Bah, humbug……or buy now while stocks last!

Fridge magnets - a new venture.......

Fridge magnets – a new venture…….

I  try not to think about Christmas until the middle of December if at all possible. I’m normally the one wearing the Homer Simpson “Bah Humbug” Christmas hat in a dashing shade of black……..

But this year I have a stand at the Winter Fair at Aberystwyth Arts Centre and it opened last Friday, so I’ve been obliged to think ahead. I’m selling the following  –

1. A3 prints in 20×16 inch mounts @ £39.50.
2. 7×5 inch prints in 10×8 inch mounts @ £12.50.
3. Photo-mugs @ £9.50.
4. A small range of photo-magnets @£2.50 or 5 for £10.00.

The latter is a bit of a departure for me. I’ve spoken to a couple of other photographers who recommended that I should try them. There’s a decent profit margin on them (if you buy sensibly) and they take up very little space. They’re popular with retailers too. So I’ve taken the plunge with my first batch and we will see how they go.

The Winter Fair started brilliantly for me, in fact. I spent a couple of hours setting up on Thursday afternoon and during that time sold four prints!

The Winter Fair is at Aberystwyth Arts Centre until Christmas and opens Monday-Saturday 10 am > 8 pm and Sunday 12 noon > 5.30 pm. Buy now while stocks last!


About Jeremy Moore

Recently described as "Wales' leading environmental photographer"; based near Aberystwyth, and specialising in Welsh landscape and wildlife. He has published the Wild Wales / Cymru Wyllt range of postcards since 1987. His most recent book was "Wales at Waters Edge" (with Jon Gower) published in May 2012. The National Library of Wales has a large number of his prints in its Collection. His exhibition "Bird/land" was shown at Aberystwyth Arts Centre from June until August 2016. It originally received support from the Arts Council of Wales. He is also working on a new book about Wales with the author Jon Gower, due for publication in autumn 2018.
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