Now we know…..

In July I wrote about my trip to north Staffordshire to see the summering red-footed falcon – see this post .

I wondered what had happened to this beautiful bird, so far away from where it should have been. Well know we know.

Click here to find out.

There really are some sick people among us.


3 thoughts on “Now we know…..

  1. Apparently it had become habituated to humans as other photographers (obviously not you jerry) had been throwing locusts at it.
    No excuse for shooting it. Seems more shooters have moved into the west side of Cors Caron as I hear shooting at dusk on the edge of the NNR now; of course they can see in the dark and know what they are shooting.

    1. Well yes, Liz, I heard all about that, but at the time of my visit it seemed pretty approachable already. From what I read it is questionable whether it was unusually habituated. Some people are saying red-footed falcons can be very approachable naturally. I don’t suppose we will ever know the truth.

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