Seasons greetings to all (both) my readers.

Crib Goch and Llyn Cwmffynnon, January 2016

Crib Goch and Llyn Cwmffynnon, January 2016

Welsh winters are so often just mild, wet and windy. It is rarely cold enough for snow to fall, and if it does it will probably melt away within a few days. Just occasionally, though, the photographer is treated to something special. Last January there was a short break in the succession of big depressions tracking north eastwards across the north Atlantic. I drove up to north Wales one evening and spent the night in the layby by Llyn Mymbyr (near Capel Curig) as I often do. The following morning dawned bright, clear and calm, with the snow on the higher slopes of Yr Wyddfa reflecting the pre-sunrise colours. Unfortunately there was a thin layer of ice covering much of Llyn Mymbyr, so the reflection I was hoping for was rather limited. I was at a loss as to where to go next.

Then I remembered another lake – Llyn Cwmffynnon – in a hollow on the slopes of Glyder Fawr, above Pen-y-pass youth hostel. I knew it reflected the mass of Crib Goch if the waters were still. It might be worth a try! It was trudge up to the lake across boggy uneven ground in heavy winter boots and clothing and carrying my full SLR kit. Eventually arriving at the shoreline I found that this lake was also covered in a thin layer of ice which was hardly a great surprise! But with a water trickling through it, the stream down towards Pen-y-gwyryd had remained free of ice and was reflecting Crib Goch in its surface. This was the location I had been hoping for.

At first I decided to forego my polarising filter, which I probably over-use. But after a while a tiny cap-shaped cloud began forming, dispersing and re-forming over the summit of Yr Wyddfa, itself invisible but situated behind and to the right of Crib Goch. Out came the polariser! It was invaluable in bringing out the whiteness of the cloud against the blue of the sky. In fact in these conditions of perfect clarity and using my standard zoom at 24mm, uneven polarisation was a problem, and I had to do some work in Lightroom to remove it.  But the result looks good to me, and I’ve used it on my Christmas card this year.

So for those of you not on my Christmas card list, I’d like to take this opportunity of wishing you the Seasons Greetings and a successful year in 2017.

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About Jeremy Moore

Recently described as "Wales' leading environmental photographer"; based near Aberystwyth, and specialising in Welsh landscape and wildlife. He has published the Wild Wales / Cymru Wyllt range of postcards since 1987. His most recent book was "Wales at Waters Edge" (with Jon Gower) published in May 2012. The National Library of Wales has a large number of his prints in its Collection. His exhibition "Bird/land" was shown at Aberystwyth Arts Centre from June until August 2016. It originally received support from the Arts Council of Wales. He is also working on a new book about Wales with the author Jon Gower, due for publication in autumn 2018.
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16 Responses to Seasons greetings to all (both) my readers.

  1. Martin Ashby says:

    Great picture Jerry. Send my regards to the other reader !

  2. Seasons Greetings to you Jerry, there’s definitely more than two of us 🙂

  3. David Clegg says:

    Well I must be 3, although I’ve been slacking lately.
    Keep up the good work, Jerry and a have a great Christmas ☺

  4. lotelta says:

    Merry Christmas from number four of your who-knows-how-many readers 🙂

    • Jeremy Moore says:

      To Dave Clegg,

      Grrr. It’s not that I’m envious at all. There was one in Machynlleth recently so maybe more will turn up soon…….

      • David Clegg says:

        Funnily enough, Jerry, although limited for time, I got a couple of pics this morning that I’m quite pleased with. I don’t mean to make you envious but locally they’re popping up all over the place!

        Good luck ☺

  5. Jeremy Moore says:

    Obviously I’m pleased for you, Dave (he said through grtitted teeth) ; I’m headed over to the west Midlands on a family visit for a couple of days now but there’s no mention on that site that there are any waxwings anywhere in the vicinity.

  6. pilipala51 says:

    Hi Jeremy. Met you at Cilgerran twice. Now following your blog. Joyce

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