Jeremy Moore is based near Aberystwyth  in mid-Wales. He has been fully professional for twenty-five years, despite the challenges that digital photography and “austerity” have introduced. He publishes the Wild Wales / Cymru Wyllt  range of postcards – now in their 30th year. His sixth book Wales at Waters Edge (with text by Jon Gower) was published in May 2012.   His exhibition Bird/land – was shown at Aberystwyth Arts Centre from June 25th – August 27th 2016. It combined his twin passions , wildlife and landscape, and was supported by the Arts Council of Wales.


2 Responses to About

  1. Jeremy,

    Just a quite note to let you know that I have referenced one your blogs, the review of Fay Godwin exhibition at MOMA Machynlleth, in one of my own blogs. Hope this is OK but if any problems, please let me know.

    Link to blog page http://www.jeffersonphotography.co.uk/section738243.html

    Enjoyed reading your blog, you now have three readers!



    • Jeremy Moore says:

      That’s absolutely fine. Thanks for letting me know. Fay Godwin is/was quite thought-provoking, I think, although many landscape photographers seem to find her a bit difficult. I loved a comment which someone made that she “tells the story of the landscape”.


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