Nature, take a bow………

The other day I was in the Dolgellau area with some time to spend on photography during the late afternoon. It was a very showery day and I thought there might be chance of a rainbow or two. There are several easily accessible  elevated locations around the Mawddach estuary, and to give my self the best chance of some good images I decided on the New Precipice Walk on the north side of the valley. A rainbow would appear roughly opposite the sun, backlit rain showers would be at 180 degrees to this, and a polariser would work at its best at 90 degrees to both, with the bulk of Cadiar Idris in the background. To cap it all, it was a very short walk from the viewpoint to the car park and I could make tea while I waited!

The first couple of hours were frustrating. I sheltered in a ruined building while one heavy shower passed over. Later a second big shower moved past to the south and a rainbow began to form. From altitude it was noticeable how much more of the rainbow’s arc was visible than is normally the case. I tried to remain calm, despite the camera beginning to malfunction. It really was touch and go here, but I took a series of images as the shower moved inland. There was a brilliantly clear outer bow as well, with the colour order reversed. Then, out of nowhere, cloud began to form below me in the valley. On it was projected a faint, but definite, Brocken spectre (or glory) , and I managed to photograph it within the rainbow just before the sun disappeared. Has this ever been seen before?  Whatever….. it was a scene of primeval magnificence and I just hope I  was able to do it justice. See what you think!

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About Jeremy Moore

Recently described as "Wales' leading environmental photographer"; based near Aberystwyth, and specialising in Welsh landscape and wildlife. He has published the Wild Wales / Cymru Wyllt range of postcards since 1987. His most recent book was "Wales at Waters Edge" (with Jon Gower) published in May 2012. The National Library of Wales has a large number of his prints in its Collection. His exhibition "Bird/land" was shown at Aberystwyth Arts Centre from June until August 2016. It originally received support from the Arts Council of Wales. He is also working on a new book about Wales with the author Jon Gower, due for publication in autumn 2018.
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